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Hello Curlfriendz and welcome to Nursery talk with Krys. Here I will give you stories along my pregnancy journey that may help you if you are expecting or planning to expect soon. This being my first pregnancy, I am learning A LOT about my body and the MANY changes it’s going through. I swear that by the time I deliver, I should have my Doctorates degree.

A little bit about who I am; I am 28 years old recently engaged to a wonderful man who completes me and makes me a better person. I just relocated from Texas to North Carolina and am a stay at home soon to be mother lol. I have been natural for about a year now and have a love/hate relationship with my hair. Since my BC I have noticed that my hair has gotten so much thicker than it ever was. I don’t experiment with too many products and have a simple routine consisting of water, olive oil, Argon oil and coconut oil.

i'm approximately 8 weeks pregnant now! I have found that during my pregnancy my hair has gotten so much drier than it ever was. Along with the dryness I am also faced with the challenge of itchy scalp and trying to avoid scratching (a battle most often lost). A week and a half ago, my fiancé decided to cornrow my hair (yes ladies, brother man can braid his butt off) and grease my scalp to see if that would help. HA! He covered my scalp real good with grease and the next day it was as if he  had never greased it. My hair has been eating any type of oil or grease.

The doctors say the dryness is normal due to increase in estrogen which also helps to alleviate shedding hair. A pregnant womea’s hair doesn’t shed as much because estrogen levels slow down the shedding process which causes hair to thicken. Of course every woman’s body is different and pregnancy may have a different affect. If you are expecting, it is good to consult with your physician about which products to use or discontinue using. What we put on our scalp can travel through our blood stream and possibly harm our tiny bundle of joy.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article and look forward to writing about so much more concerning pregnancy, nutrition, exercise and just about everything else. If you have any questions or would like to share something, feel free to contact me. In the mean time and in between time, be blessed and be you! 

1/24/2013 11:47:44 pm

Interesting that you picked up on the changes in your hair. I was relaxed while pregnant, & didn't pay much attn. Lol


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    28 year old expecting my first child. Natural for a little over a year and am here to share my pregnancy stories with my curlfriends.


    January 2013



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