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     In the natural hair community the topic of “POO”ing (or shampooing) is a topic that is highly debated. On nearly any natural hair site, Facebook fan page or natural hair blog you can find the topic of “POO”ing being discussed. To poo - or not to poo… Does anyone pre poo?? What is pre “poo”ing? For many naturalistas this topic can be overwhelming and confusing. This topic has proven to be very controversial; and the answer varies depending on who you ask. No matter what side of the debate you are on, you will find naturalistas willing to support your opinion.

     The purpose of shampoo is to cleanse the hair by stripping it of dirt and oils that are present, and some experts will argue that once the oils are removed the scalp responds by producing more oil in response which would make it necessary to shampoo more. Others will argue that shampoo’s strip the hair of its natural oils and cause the hair to be dry and brittle and opt to co wash (wash hair with conditioner) instead of poo. Who’s is correct?

The truth is both are correct. For some shampoo is needed, some naturalistas need shampoo to remove buildup from products left behind during styling. Shampooing may work in their hair. For some shampooing may damage the hair by drying it out. These women may choose to cowash or use other methods to cleanse. Then fact is the decision of whether or not to wash is a matter of preference. What works for on curly may not work for another. 

Personally, I poo… I choose to do it because I experiment with a lot of product. Shampooing works for me to keep the buildup at bay. I generally shampoo once a week for a good cleaning and I refresh once a week with a co-wash  After each shampoo I take extra care to moisturize to offset the damage from the stripping that occurred due to using the shampoo.

Shampooing does not have to be a bad thing, as long as you are mindful of parabens and other harsh chemicals and keep your hair moisturized; pooing can actually be beneficial to your regimen  

Kimberly Chafford
1/24/2013 20:35:08

I have to shampoo but only once every 2 weeks because I cowash daily. The other day I pre-poo'd and I swear my hair was the softest it has ever been! I think i'm going to add that to my regimen.

1/28/2013 14:17:38

I try to shampoo once a week, at least once every two weeks, but I cowash in between. I pre poo before each wash, that seems to work well for me.

Shawntay Conners (Poota Bear)
1/25/2013 16:14:13

I personally like to use shampoo. I have done a co-wash a few times but it does not get rid of all of the product build up. Recently I purchased the Ynobe pre-poo and it has really helped reduce the harsh "stripping" effect shampoo has on my hair.

1/28/2013 14:20:28

I may have to try the Ynobe pre poo Shawntay! When you cowash - what do you co wash with? I've been using Aussie Moist and it cleanses pretty good!

2/4/2013 00:50:15

I have to shampoo do to having psoriasis and not being able to control the dry scalp. Even though I'd love to try co-washing I'm deathly afraid of inflaming my scalp and doing more damage than good.

LaWanda S
2/5/2013 04:50:43

I used to co-wash all the time, but now I poo. I love Amazing Botanicals Black soap Poo, and Bobeam poo bars,they don't strip my hair but are good cleansers.


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