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Photo taken afer my last relaxer
    Hey Curlfriendz!! Welcome to the Posh Curlfriendz site!! My name is Rorri and it
is my hope that you allow me to be one of your new curl gurlz and walk with me
as we take this journey through natural together! I will be here to share my
experiences thus far, provide stories and information relevant to our journey as
well as to give you tips, answer questions and research any topics that you send
my way. I’m going to take a few minutes to tell you a little about me – and I
can’t wait to get to know each of you!

    My name is Rorri Blackwell. I am 35 year old wife and mother of three. I live in
Bedford Hts. Ohio. I know for many of you the decision to take the journey to
natural is one that is researched and pondered sometimes for months prior to
actually taking that first step, but this was not the case for me. My journey to
natural began unexpectedly in July of 2011, and after transitioning for close to
11 months, I decided to big chop on May 29, 2012. I just kind of realized one
day that I had begun my transition.  Although it was not initially my intent
to do so, I’m glad that I did. It didn’t take long for me to fully embrace my
journey and as my friends would say, I jumped all in. 

    I was faithful  to my relaxer, it was all I knew. Growing up, I was taught that I had to relax  my hair to look nice, it needed to be straight to be managed.  I  believed that in order to look good I needed to have a bone straight wrap. It  was what my mother did and it was what all of my friends were doing as well.  Twice every month for twenty five years I sat in a salon and wasted an entire  day to “get beautiful”. I endured the burning scalp and I oiled scabs, but all  of that was overlooked as long as my hair looked good which was all that  mattered. Never mind the horrible dandruff I suffered due to the irritation to
my scalp and the damage to my hairline, I had to do it or else I would be “nappy  headed”. Not only was what I had been taught, but it is what I taught my oldest  daughter. I didn’t know any other way and I was fine with it because society had
me believe this is what my beauty was tied to.

Last month of my transition. May 2012
    I was completely  committed to relaxer until a medical issue in the summer of 2011 made it difficult for me to get to the salon for my standing appointments. My stylist had a huge clientele, so it was difficult to schedule random appointments, while  in the midst of waiting to get in for an appointment all of a sudden I looked up  and the cold weather had hit. I realized that it had been four months since I had a relaxer. Although I was a little upset that I no longer had the wrap I was used to, I was thrilled that my scalp was no longer dry since even my dermatologist couldn’t get my scalp issues under control. I also noticed that I was still getting compliments on my hair even though it was no longer bone straight.  The more styles I tried the more I fell in love with my big hair, and it was then that I decided that I would embrace my natural coils.

Day of my BC May 29, 2012
    Having always had long hair the TWA stage petrified me. Even though I was beginning to embrace my hair in its natural state, I still had my hang up about the length, so I decided to transition. Learning to deal with the two different textures proved frustrating so in my 9thmonth of transition I decided to “protective” style by way of a sew in. The protective style gone wrong left me no other choice than to big chop.

    While my road from relaxed to natural was stumbled upon, I regret that I didn’t find it
sooner. I have learned that I am NOT my hair and to love myself the way God made
me. It has definitely been a journey and I am still trying products and  techniques to figure out what my hair loves. My current staple product –  actually my only staple product is Mrs. Calvis’ Crisco Mix, this is the only product that I have found to make my hair soft. I use it no matter what! Learning what my hair likes doesn’t bother me, I love researching and finding what works. I believe that this journey has taught me to truly love me for me
NAPturally, beautifully –the way God made me.

High Puff
Twistout Fro
3 Days post BC

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