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I am so excited Curlies to introduce to you the subscription service spotlight this month. As I stated last month, I wanted to focus on the up and coming subscription services first. I want to give these up and comers a chance to introduce themselves and to let us know what we can expect from their service. I also wanted to give our Curlfriendz an avenue to learn about all the subscription services as many of us are unfamiliar with many of the up and coming services.  

Well this month Curlfriendz we're shining the spotlight on another up and coming service. For March the spotlight is aimed at Brittney Marshall and My BrownBox.

My BrownBox premiered their first box in January of 2013 and if you were able to get on the list consider yourself lucky!! The premier box sold out in somewhere close to 30 minutes, while the box for this month sold out in around 6 minutes!! So needless to say, this box is HOTT!! Although I have not yet been able to get on the list for My BrownBox (believe me it's not for trying AND I will try each month until I get one =}), all of the reviews that I've seen praised the service. 

I will tell you that the interaction that I've had with the staff at My BrownBox was stellar. When I reached out to Brittney, not only was she very professional but she was accessible as well. She responded to all my e-mails in a timely manner, and as a consumer of a subscription service these are great qualities to see in the founder of the company you are subscribed to. Makes me feel like if there is an issue with my subscription I can contact the service and have my issue resolved with out the rigamaro.

So.... without further delay, I present to you Brittney Marshall and My BrownBox!!
" Far too often, I find that we are overlooked and underrepresented in the beauty and fashion industries." -Brittney Marshall

My Brown Box

Posh Curlfriendz:  What is My BrownBox:

My BrownBox:   My BrownBox is a subscription beauty service and eCommerce store for women of color. Each month we send our members a chic box containing 5-6 beauty and lifestyle products that complement their natural beauty and personal style. These goodies span categories of makeup, skincare, nail care, body care, fragrances, grooming tools and other lifestyle goods. 
Our team spends a lot of time searching for products that have not yet been discovered by the masses. Vast amounts of our Brand Partners are minority owned businesses that specialize in all natural products; at the end of the day, we want our members to find products that truly enrich their life today, tomorrow, and forever. My BrownBox is more than a box, it's a lifestyle!
Posh Curlfriendz: What led you to start My Brown Box?

My BrownBox: The personal experience that led to the birth of My BrownBox is me being a woman of color in the marketplace. Far too often, I find that we are overlooked and underrepresented in the beauty and fashion industries. Even to this day when I contact brands about offering their products to My BrownBox members, they lose interest because of our target market. 
I wanted to create something that all women of color could identify with and relate to. My BrownBox has been a wonderful way to support minority owned businesses all while creating a community where women of color connect, inspire and inform one another.

Posh Curlfriendz: How can we subscribe to My Brown Box and what is the price for the service?

My BrownBox:  My BrownBox memberships are currently sold on an exclusive, first come, first serve basis. We have a huge waiting list of BrownBeauties, so memberships tend to sell out very fast! Women who are interested in becoming a My BrownBox subscriber should visit to sign up for our mailing list. They will then be notified via email when we reopen our list of subscriptions. 
We also share the date and time that we will be opening our subscriptions on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

We’re in the process of revamping our website so that subscribers can subscribe on an ongoing basis. I’m sure they don’t fancy waiting in line. So I’m extremely excited about our new website. 
Take a look at behind the scene footage from My BrownBox:
To Connect with Brittney and the staff over at My BrownBox:  



Twitter: @MyBrownBox

Instagram:  @MyBrownBox



Thank you for sharing. I've never heard of My Brown Box. I'm going to go check it out now :-)

2/19/2013 15:13:14

What a cool idea.

2/19/2013 23:21:11

What a great idea and so glad we are not be overlooked in the beauty world. Great post.

2/21/2013 12:29:56

This is such a wonderful idea. I want to get on the list too!

2/22/2013 06:04:33

This is great! I'll definitely be checking it out!


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