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Tropical Leave - In, Whipped Shea Cloud, Flax Seed Styling Custard and Alma Whipped Frosting.... Most of my naturalista's know that these are but a few of the awesome products of Duafe Naturals... Well Curlies, I had the chance to sit down with Lalordi of Duafe Naturals to get some insight on the lady behind these wonderful products and how she got started. I'm so excited to share our chat with all of my Curlfriendz, so without further ado..  Here is Lalordi of Duafe Naturals:
Why Duafe? We both strive for self-love and femininity.  ~LaLa
Posh Curlfriendz:  Laordi, most of us know Duafe Naturals the brand, however many of us are curious - Who is the lady behind Duafe?

Duafe Naturals:  Who is LaLa behind Duafe? I am a wifey and a mother of 2. I love to dance, research is my life and I don’t think I could be a bigger bookworm (I read 90 Walking Dead comics in 4 days). I have been an entrepreneur, making products for over 7 years now and have lived and traveled up and down the East Coast and out of the country. I love to help people and really enjoy seeing people use our products and make their own with our ingredients. I am always available with advice on your business and product line.

Posh Curlfriendz:  Okay, so now that we know a little more about LaLa, tell us how LaLa became Duafe Naturals?

Duafe Naturals:  It started for me in 2005. I was introduced to shea butter, the many wonderful benefits it had and products that could be created from it. My sister had a similar skin sensitivity and an addiction to fragrances. She turned out to have a genuine skill at creating products that created a demand, especially her whipped shea cloud and soaps. She brought me on as the other half of the company, to market and get the name out there. So we did. We even branched out and offered ingredients and bulk items. Now, fast forward to 2012, we had a great idea. Why not rebrand our companies and merge them together, but also branch out and develop our own ideas.
So, we introduced Duafe Naturals ( Why Duafe? We both strive for self-love and femininity, but something was still missing. We wanted to develop other services, yet still provide our core customers with the products and ingredients they had come to love and expect. My sister then went on to develop her group and company, Swap Sack(, while I stayed on to run Duafe Naturals at full force.

 We had always specialized in skin care for 7 years, and my biggest issue has been my eczema. It started flaring 2 years ago and I am still working on an eczema formulation to stop the patches. We dived into natural hair care about three years ago. Seeing my sister with her newly natural fro inspired me to take out my locs. I can be quite impulsive at times and that was the second time with my hair that I decided I wanted a change. This only inspired me to create products that I could use to do these wonderful styles and tutorials I found all over the internet. The natural hair community was ablaze!

 Now over the years I have realized that while there are many mixtresses out there such as myself, there are just as many people who do not mix and would rather purchase a finished product. I decided to branch out to not only include the amazing finished products that my sister created; like her hair elixir and cloud, but also to also provide Do It Yourself kits with the same basic ingredients for new and experienced mixers. 

Posh Curlfriendz:  You ladies are a true inspiration to everyone, to show that with research and a passion for what you do, you can actually build a successful company and achieve entrepreneurship. Being a supporter of both your business, I can honestly say, that both of you are amazing business women and you both interact well and build relationships with each of your customers. That is a wonderful thing, I personally appreciate the excellent customer service you both provide! So, tell us what's next for Duafe Naturals?

Duafe Naturals:  I am currently working on a Mommy and Me line that will launch with our Spring Faces of Duafe. We will continue with our sales that you have come to love, as well as our DIY handmade community group on Facebook ( which is growing! I am really excited at the year to come and look I forward to building even stronger relationships with our wonderful customers.

Alright Curlies, let me tell you... I was so excited to have the opportunity to sit down with Lalordi. I love  her spirit! I first met her in a swap that she and I did together in the SwapSack group. I had already tried her products through a friend of mine, so I couldn't wait to try more. Now, I'm not sure if you all have had a chance to try her products yet, but her Alma Whipped Frosting and the Tropical Leave - In are as close to Heaven as you gone get on this side... I'm telling you!!

If you haven't had the opportunity yet, stop on over and check out what Duafe Naturals has to offer. Not only are you guaranteed a great product, but you will also receive excellent customer service as well!!

I want to thank Lalordi for talking with us. We look forward to seeing the great things she has coming up in the future!
4/6/2013 03:11:24 am

Great interview, I like getting to know the people behind companies. I look forward to the Mommy and Me line!

4/7/2013 10:45:11 pm

Great interview!! Looking forward to checking more of her.


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